Your Plant-Forward

Culinary partner

Bulk foodservice

Our Rainbow favorites in bulk size for your foodservice operation. Choose from our variety of plant-based alt proteins, vegan brown and infused butters, cheeses, and sauces.

plant based breakfast sandwich

& Increase Profits

Add mouthwatering upgrades to our prepared foods. Elevate breakfast sandwiches with creamy avocado and peppery arugula or give rice bowls a vibrant twist with crisp lettuces and fresh vegetables.

Grab-N-Go Food Solutions

Maximize efficiency and minimize waste while ensuring impeccable food quality and ideal temperatures. The Flexeserve versatile system retains moisture, offers easy cleaning and maintenance, and incorporates energy-saving features, making it the ultimate choice for a wide variety of foods.

Flexeserve Grab N Go Food Solutions for Operators

meal program

Endorsed by PCRM. Nutritious meals for K-12 and Higher Education. Allergen-free meals free from top 9 allergens. Recipe library with over 150 nutrient dense recipes.

ready-to-eat meals